Xyla's Crossing

After recruited as a surveillance contractor for the NYPD, Xyla finds herself being hunted but a crime lord. Without protection from the government she served, Xyla must rely on her intelligence, her toughness and her friends to survive.

Xyla Cross - She's faster than you.

xyla crossing.jpg

Meet Xyla

She was taught breath control at a young age. Specifically, at eight years old she was taught to exhale all of the air out of her lungs before pulling the trigger. Her brother explained that anything she could do to reduce her heart rate in the heat of the moment would make her shots more accurate.


Xyla's Good Girl

She always climbed the five flights of stairs to her apartment barefoot or in sneakers. Hard soles on the staircase of stone and tile would advertise her presence to whatever mercenary might be waiting. Silent climbing was her best bet.


Hurricane Ro

Paulino lie on the cold tile dead and bleeding. There was no time. Xyla ducked into the apartment, threw open the closet door and grabbed her red duffle bag.


Going on Offense

The thing about punching someone is most people do it wrong.